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VoicePark APIs

VoicePark is the world’s first voice-guided mobile parking app that guides drivers to the nearest available on-street or off-street parking spot, turn-by-turn, in real-time. We also design and install the infrared based, in-ground sensor systems, guidance lights and digital signage for public/private garages, lots, and municipal streets.

We unify third party integration with hardware that provides real-time availability for on-street and off-street parking assets. You can create and maintain your own specified network of parking lots and integrate them with the installed hardware reporting availability. You can maintain your own parking lot page yourself with your API key. You can integrate with hardware availability reporting and query by geography and tags, etc. to know if a specified lot has availability or not.

You can find the APIs here:

Questions? Use the comment section below or davidk@voicepark.org

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    • Sign up or log in.
    • Manage your API keys. Once the key is generated, click "Playground"
    • Example interactions are listed at bottom of playground page.
    • Complete documentation is available with details about:
    - Parameters values, for example, how to query for lots
    - "Create a lot" template
    • See the query docs for details on how to query your own lots.

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