•   about 4 years ago

Get your hands on the Worlds first headset with dynamic 3D audio

Hi all :)

Check out the prototypes of the Intelligent Headset at the event start. The headset comes with an advanced sensor pack of GPS, Gyro, Compass, Accelerometer, which allows you to make smartphone applications that take into account in what direction the user is looking - and more. On top of that it has the Worlds best dynamic 3D audio engine - the only one approved by US Air Force.

More info: intelligentheadset.com
Developer portal: developer.intelligentheadset.com/
Application inspiration: facebook.com/Intelligentheadset

Besides the event awards, the Intelligent Headset program offers incentives of receiving the first Sales Packs coming out, and potential co-marketing - for every app you release to appstores.

Looking forward to hear of your application ideas - and have fun!


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